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Affiliate Course Referral Program

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If you know the email address of a manager at a course and want to earn the $50 referral, Click on the courses link on the bottom toolbar and type in the course name. From the search results screen, click on the course name and the course info screen will be displayed. If there is not already a refering user you can click the earn $50 link to send them an invite.

Why is there an affiliate course referral program?

Since the courses on the FairwayFiles website are spread all over the world, the FairwayFiles team cannot directly contact and market all the courses effectively. We established the the affiliate course referral program as a way to reward loyal site users by giving them an oppourtunity to earn $50 and maybe get some free golf.

How do I earn the $50 referral fee?

  1. Visit the course and explain the web site and the affiliate course program to their marketing manager.
    Get more info about the benefits of the site for courses by clicking here
  2. Get email address(es) of the decision makers at the course and use the button above to send them an invitation. This will do 2 things: As soon as they accept the invitation they will have full access to update their course information and no one else will be able to edit the course info (other than writing reviews and rating the course)
  3. You can check the site to see if they have accepted the invitation.
  4. Follow up with your contact(s) at the course to get them to sign on permenantly.
  5. Encourage your friends in the area to use the coupons posted by the course so they see benefit from the site.
  6. An invoice will be sent to the contacts after 20 days via email.
  7. Upon receipt of the invoice payment. I will contact you via email to arrange payment of your $50 referral fee.
  8. If the invoice is NOT paid by the end of the 30th day the course will revert to a non-affiliated status and other people will have the opportunity to market the course.
  9. Only one person can earn a referral bonus. Once the referral email is sent and the referrer registered, no additional referrals will be accepted for 14 days. The referral expiration will be displayed on the course home page.
  10. For those of you in the US, if you successfully refer more than 6 courses, you will have to provide a SSN or Taxpayer ID, so I can report your referral bonus payments to the IRS. The income is considered non-employee compensation. You will be acting as an independent agent in all respects with no direct affiliation with Fairway Files. You do so at your own risk. Fairwayfiles wll not reimburse any expneses incurred by you.
  11. While marketing courses you may offer to help them use the site by taking pictures for them or acting as the administrator in exchange for free rounds of golf -- any arrangements you make with the course are between you and the course. Negotiate whatever you can, but do NOT represent yourself as an employee of FairwayFiles.com