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Canterbury Green
2727 Canterbury Blvd
Fort Wayne, IN 46835
United States
Driving Directions
Current Weather
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Greens Fees
Weekday $0.00
Weekend $0.00
Twilight $0.00
Cart Fee $0.00
Cart Required? Never
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Contact Info
Phone Number 260-486-7888
Email www.canterburygreengolf.com
Course Details
Golf Course Designer
Club Pro Eric Rommel-
Type of Fairways good
Greens soft
Practice Options
Driving Range No
Practice Greens YES
Practice Sand No
Pitching Area No
Pro Shop YES
Clubhouse YES
Snackbar YES
Restaurant No
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white 3,625 58.40 90 Enter Score Match Scorecard
White 3,625 58.40 90 Enter Score Match Scorecard
Ladies tees 3,078 57.30 88 Enter Score Match Scorecard
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Course Stats
  You All Players
Rounds Played No Scores 514
Average Score N/A 77.11
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Core Categories
Course Condition 3.27
Customer Service 4.37
Pace of Play 4.25
Overall value for the $$ 3.56
Informational Categories
Speed of Greens 1=slowest 3.03
Lost Ball Potential 1=few lost balls 2.83
Course Reviews Write your Own review
Nothing was mowed for a week or two. Might as well close the course or cut the price in half.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-10-13 16:33:55)
Beautiful cool morning with no one in front of us. Short wait on only two holes.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-09-06 14:51:31)
Frank Kopak and I played together. Had then entire course to ourselves. The course is not be mowed as the college help went back to school. Rough was very deep so you lost balls.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-08-24 14:05:55)
Beautiful day with Jack Money, got hot on back 9 which effected
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-07-17 16:05:04)
course still not mowed yet, every other golf is mowed except Canterbury Green Golf Course. Sad, used to be a well maintained course when the had a PGA PRO managing the course.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-06-01 17:54:31)
areas of the rough was not mowed yet and we lost balls. Perfect day to play. My clubs did not work well today, Ha.

Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-05-22 18:24:28)
30 mph winds and fairways and rough still need MOWED
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-05-18 17:59:14)
The course still has not been mowed. Sad, it used to be a good place to go. Not any more. Management does not care.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-05-10 17:45:52)
Course 1/2 mowed, rough very deep 8-9 inches. Greens not mowed and covered with stuff. Pain to play
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-05-09 18:45:04)
Rough was not mowed and was very long. No trash containers at tees yet. Course Half open.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2017-04-25 17:07:53)
Last round of 2016. Played with Jack Money, lost one ball in the lake. Very windy.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-11-18 16:04:26)
Beautiful afternoon with Jack, he beat me by one stroke.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-09-27 19:27:54)
The rough was very,very thick. We got to hole 11 and they gave us hell for not staying on the cart paths. No one told us it was cart path only and there were no sighs telling us either. Pissed us all off as the 3 of us are
very careful of the course is all aspects.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-09-19 14:59:07)
Course needed mowed badly, the crew when back to college and no one left to mow. Sad
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-09-16 14:18:13)
Another beautiful day, cool temps and we had the entire course to ourselves.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-09-02 14:25:05)
First time playing in 3 weeks-sad
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-09-01 14:51:00)
Good company and a beautiful morning. Areas of the course still needed mowing to say it was in good shape.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-06-13 14:22:00)
Still needs mowing, better but still not as it should be.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-06-02 14:32:40)
All the entire course needs mowed, sad they left it looks like a hay field, Dead grass all over and some area not mowed. But they got lots of money to remodel two buildings, the heck with golfers.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-05-23 15:20:22)
All the grass need mowed very badly. Lost balls in the deep grass. Mowers are allowed to work only 3 days a week and only 30 hrs a week. No overtime. Course was a mess.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-05-13 18:07:10)
Beautiful day, course in great condition. Greens are very hard and full of holes.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2015-11-02 17:43:23)
Course was in good shape. Ground very dry and hard. greens were full of holes due to green fall maintenance. Course was mowed good.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2015-10-19 19:02:22)
played with Jack and Tom Stump. No one in front of us so we played fast. Great weather, nice and cool.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2015-08-24 15:19:46)
Gary shot 42-39=81
Jack C Sandstrom   (2015-08-13 16:37:51)
rough too long to find balls.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2015-05-28 18:14:33)
Low sugar on 17 & 18 dkilled a good round, beautiful day
Jack C Sandstrom   (2015-04-12 20:05:12)
April Fools Day, the golf course won. Beautiful day. My play was horrorable
Jack C Sandstrom   (2015-04-01 18:51:35)
course in bad condition, needed mowed badly and the tree leaves were terrible. Do not play, you will loose lots of balls.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-10-26 18:52:38)
Course needed mowed badly and the downed leaves was very bad. Lost two balls because of the bad maintence. Added 1 hour to play time. Not what I paid for. Enought for this year.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-10-26 18:47:23)
Beautiful cool morning with Chuck, fairways needed mowed however.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-09-08 15:50:15)
played with Jack and Chuck. Back 9 the temp and humidity got to me.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-08-04 14:16:08)
Let my sugar get too low and had a bad round. Beautiful weather with Jack M & Chuck K. High 60s temp.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-07-28 13:36:03)
8 AM tee time with Gary, No one in front of us. first nine cool, back nine got hot.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-07-21 14:18:18)
played with Chuck and Jacki
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-06-26 14:42:13)
Wonderful temp morning, no humidy, good time with chuck
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-06-13 14:33:16)
Played with Gary who had 86
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-06-09 14:37:51)
beautiful morning played with gary G. who had 86
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-06-09 14:33:17)
Course needed mowing badly, we lost balls in the high grass.
It all so slowed the game ujp for everyone
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-05-26 16:49:54)
perfect day weather wise, chuck K joined me for back 9
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-05-18 15:29:16)
perfect weather, 60 degrees, Chuck K joined me for the back 9
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-05-18 15:23:19)
course won today, Augie beat me 8 strokes. Very windy
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-05-04 17:18:52)
Course won today, very windy, nothing worked today.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-05-04 17:13:49)
played with Augie, very very cool day, pace of play was good
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-04-27 14:58:32)
Course in good shape Thanks to Ryan our PGA Pro. Traps need a lot of sand added to amke them sand traps.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-04-19 15:47:57)
greens needed mowed, rest of course good shape, saw no reason for path only.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-04-18 15:19:47)
greens needed mowed and it was cart path only, saw no reason why.....
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-04-18 15:13:23)
Great to start a new season. Very wet, mud balls, no roll. Greens not mowed and are very bumpy from plugs.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-04-09 17:57:28)
Beautiful afternoon, no one on the course. The course in great condition
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-10-08 18:15:36)
Played with Augie, had to jump all over the course to get around a 7 & 6 somes. Poor course management. Beautiful day.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-09-21 18:32:05)
Played with Augie, jumped all over the course to get around a 7 & 5 somes. Poor course mgn.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-09-21 18:26:25)
d by myself, miscommunications with chuck Great temperature.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-08-05 14:14:43)
Mircle Day, 6 1 putts, 2 birds, 29 putts, 9 over par Played with Chuck, nice cool morning, great weather for Swedes
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-07-26 14:43:35)
Canterbury Green is in the best condition it has been in 15 years thanks to Ryan, our PGA pro
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-07-25 14:05:27)
Beautiful, cool morning to play with Chuck
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-07-25 13:57:52)
played with Jack who had a 69. not playing really hurt today
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-06-29 11:04:30)
Gary had 86 to my 75. very hot when finished
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-06-24 16:24:44)
Tees moved back as far as possible. Made the long Par 3 very,very long, 190,210 etc.

Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-06-17 15:25:46)
Great temp 71 this afternoon, beat Augie by one stroke.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-06-06 18:21:48)
Perfect temp this afternoon, beat Dave by one stroke. Course still needs to clean up all the dead grass and mow again.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-06-06 18:11:58)
Had the entire course to myself. By the end of June it should be all mowed, bout time.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-06-03 14:39:17)
Simply said, do not play Canterbury Green
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-05-29 16:23:33)
Entire course need mowed. Rough had a layer of dead grass on it. Perfect for loosing balls
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-05-29 16:10:16)
course a mess. NOT mowed. only two men tor the entire course and they were not mowing.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-05-09 15:49:21)
sjpent more time looking for balls in the very tall rough than playing golf.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-05-09 15:38:08)
entire course needed mowing badly, 5-6 inch rough, lost balls and lots of time wasted hunting balls lost in the high grass. Poor management.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-05-06 14:36:13)
entire course needed mowed, blamed it on wetness but the entire course was dry. No excuse. Supposely a new mower on order for delivery in 6-8 weeks. The new the problem last December and should have ordered it then not in May. Poor management. Poor value for your money
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-05-06 14:27:31)
course not mowed, rough 6 or more inchesl.BAD
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-05-01 15:42:55)
three lost balls in the very,very long rough
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-09-06 14:21:48)
Texas management letting the course go to hell.
Fairways, tees not watered, lots of trees down from the last storm. Considering not joining next year, just play as I play
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-07-09 15:34:33)
gusting to 35 mph Gary had34-42 for 76 also
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-04-24 14:50:53)
played with Augie, he won by 3, course was in great shape
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-04-04 17:02:47)
Augie shot 74 to my 78
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-04-01 14:24:56)
The course was still is louzy condition, all the grass way to long for a Public course. NOT good value for your money
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-10-08 15:34:01)
The course has not been mowed in a week and was a mess, lost a lot of balls and spend a lot of time looking for balls in the terribly long grass.

Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-10-02 16:14:59)
not a good day, got hot and sugan ended low
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-08-18 15:51:18)
The jerk at the office started several slow groups off in front of us at the turn. We were the 1st off on one. A knowledgeable staff would NOT let people start infront of groups come off of 9. It effected our group waiting on every hole..
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-08-13 14:58:20)
7:30 tee time, cool temp and hadthe entire coarse
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-08-09 10:22:20)
played alone, 1 1/2 hrs time, lost one ball in pond
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-08-04 10:50:15)
grass still needs mowed to summer height.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-06-02 16:50:18)
fairways not mowed and neither is the ruff.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-06-01 14:30:48)
course not mowed to regular hieight yet but better
than the last week
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-05-14 15:28:30)
the course is getting mowed but not back to normal yet. Some areas still 7 inches deep. Greens are getting better.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-05-13 12:21:37)
great weather, good day, greens mowed
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-04-14 16:30:05)
greens mowed now and no wind. putted better but could not get to greens.....
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-04-13 16:55:59)
very windy and greens are terrible
Jack C Sandstrom   (2011-04-12 16:13:19)
Nov 9,2009 All leaves blown off the course. Greens fair for this time of year. Grass mowed.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2009-11-09 19:02:18)
Canterbury Green



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Lost Ball Potential 1=few lost balls
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