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Equitable Stroke Controle Help
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Does the system Support Equitable Stroke control?

Yes. If you enter score details, the system will automatically adjust for ESC when calculating your handicap. It will still keep your actual score on each hole and your actual total score for your records, but when calculating your handicap differential it will make the adjustment.

What exactly is ESC?

The definition of ESC from the USGA's web site: ESC is the downward adjustment of individual hole scores for handicap purposes in order to make handicaps more representative of a player's potential scoring ability. ESC sets a maximum number that a player can post on any hole depending on the player's Course Handicap. ESC is used only when a player's actual or most likely score exceeds his maximum number based on the table below. There is no limit to the number of holes on which a player may adjust his score.

Course Handicap Maximum Number On Any Hole
9 or less Double Bogey
10 through 19 7
20 through 29 8
30 through 39 9
40 or more 10

NOTE: ESC adjustments are only automatically calculated if you enter detail scores for each hole. If you use quick add you must take ESC adjustments yourself first.

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