Explanation of the FairwayFiles.com Handicap System

Is it official?

No. FairwayFiles is not affiliated in any way with the USGA. If you want to get a USGA handicap you need to join or form a USGA Licensed golf club. The fairwayfiles index provided here are for social / recreational purposes only. While not accepted or recognized for USGA events, they will allow you to even the playing field with your friends.

How is my FairwayFiles Handicap calculated?

Your Fairwayfiles Index is designed to measure your potential, not your average score. Each round is assigned a handicap differential which takes into account the difficulty of the course as measured by the course rating and the slope. The handicap differential for a given round is calculated using the following formula:

Handicap Differential = (Gross Score - Course Rating) * 113 / (Course Slope)

The Handicap Differential is a generic number that can be used to compare rounds played on differnt courses. This is the number that is graphed in the bars on the score graph the user profile screen. Your Fairwayfiles Index is calculated by taking the average of the best 10 of your last 20 handicap differentials. Then taking 98% of that number.

Important Note for users with less than 20 scores

If you have less than 20 scores the following table is used to determine the number of rounds that will be counted twords your FairwayFiles index.
Warning:Be wary of betting with anyone with less than 7 scores as the basis of their handicap.

Number of Scores Cutt-off
5 or 6 Lowest 1
7 or 8 Lowest 2
9 or 10 Lowest 3
11 or 12 Lowest 4
13 or 14 Lowest 5
15 or 16 Lowest 6
17 Lowest 7
18 Lowest 8
19 Lowest 9
20 Lowest 10