Sorry, we don't have the details for any tees for this course yet.
Before you can add your score, the information about the set of tees you played needs to be added to the system. This includes the hole by hole par and handicap. This is a one time entry. Once the information is entered everyone in the system will be able to add scores for that set of tees when they play. Click here to Add a set of Tees for this course
Please be careful to accurately enter the handicap and par for each hole.
After you add the tees you can add your score by clicking on the Enter Score link for your newly added set of tees.

Help Adding scores

New Feature -- You can name the 9 hole combinations -- Click here to Read More

Add a set of Tees

Instructions for adjusting the rating / slope when a course is re-rated

When a course is re-rated, you should archive the old tees for historical purposes, and use the Duplicate link to create a copy which you can edit (by clicking the pencil icon) with the new info.

From this page you can Manage the Tees for a given course. If a set of tees has scores posted -- presumably they have the rating and slope when those people played. For this reason, you cannot change the rating, slope, or par information for a set of tees if their are scores in the system, as this will impact peoples handicaps. Presumably they played the course when that information was correct.

The preferred way to handle this is to archive the incorrect set of tees keeping that information for the historical rounds, and then duplicate the tees editing the copy to create a good set of tees.

FYI, changes to the tee box information are only used used in calculating the FairwayFiles index for a round when the score is added or edited and re-saved. Changing a rating or slope will NOT automatically cause handicaps to be adjusted using the new info. This is by design.

9 hole Combinations Courses

Some facilities have multiple nine hole courses that can be played in a a variety of combinations to make an 18 hole round. This page is used to name the vaious 9 hole combinations that can be played. Once the "combinations" have been established a set of tees can be added associated with this combinationsu using the edit course option.

Important This should only be used when the course has more than 18 holes at a single location.

In these instances 9 hole combinations can be used to group the tees for each combination of 18 holes.

To set up a course that has multiple nines, Enter the description of the combination of nines ( i.e. Blue - Red, Red - White, White - Blue) Then when you add or edit a set of tees you can select which combination of 9's is applicable. The same concept applies if there are just multiple 18 hole courses at a given location.

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