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# Date Course User Review
0 2019-10-13 23:32:57 Marine Park Brooklyn NY 83775 Terrific overall course conditions and day.83775
1 2019-10-11 11:41:46 Columbia Golf Club Columbia IL 76308 greens good76308
2 2019-10-10 21:55:07 Grand Geneva - Highlands Course Lake Geneva WI 90834 Very nice90834
3 2019-10-10 18:59:24 Mill Creek Mebane NC 95173 Great layout, fun to play95173
4 2019-10-10 14:07:40 Del urich Tucson AZ 93931 Very disappointed in the amount of water being used on the course, actually i consider the Superintendent mentally retarded at best, and must be removed !! the course was never in shape any more than a week at a time for 8 months, a real idiot without a clue, the bunkers are filled with water ??!! does not get any DUMBER !!!93931
5 2019-10-10 12:25:15 Bella Vista gilbertsville PA 95358 Is that time to lost balls Leaves Ruff if you are not on the fairway?95358
6 2019-10-09 09:16:59 Myrtlewood Palmetto Myrtle Beach SC 49660 Course just reopened after closing for several month remodel. Excellent condition!49660
7 2019-10-08 19:54:50 Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia Peoria AZ 95318 Greens were scraped very unpredictable.
Traps had little sand95318
8 2019-10-08 17:23:27 Geneva Farms Street MD 90021 Course in bad shape, a lot of weeds and little grass.90021
9 2019-10-08 17:00:26 South Shore Staten Island NY 83775 Very lush, but greens are slow due to rain.83775
10 2019-10-07 17:01:48 Ballantrae Golf and Country Club Stouffville ON 95407 Great course never cart path only. drains perfectly95407
11 2019-10-07 14:14:39 Boulder Pointe Oxford MI 91944 Bunkers in bad shape, other wise course in good condition91944
12 2019-10-07 06:41:10 BLACK ROCK Hagerstown MD 71900 Very disappointed71900
13 2019-10-06 23:25:44 Acton Golf Club Acton ON 39393 Nice greens but t-boxes a mess39393
14 2019-10-06 14:20:30 Apple Greens Golf Course Highland NY 7170 best back nine in years7170
15 2019-10-06 00:17:14 Pondok Indah Golf Club Jakarta ID 65268 best caddy : Mayang65268
16 2019-10-05 18:44:54 Butter Brook Westford MA 61884 dog poop61884
17 2019-10-03 19:06:50 Panthers Run Golf Links Ocean Isle Beach NC 45607 This course has had a severe reduction in condition. The greens, while a bit slow, were in acceptable condition, the fairways were poor. Lots of weeds, crab grass and the like and mostly thin. Much worse since last I played here.45607
18 2019-10-03 13:25:08 Aberdeen eureka MO 76308 great fairways76308
19 2019-10-03 12:41:15 Twin Oaks san marcos CA 47359 Very Disappointing Bunkers. More than half were hard-packed dirt, and like hitting off a sidewalk. Players agreeing upon free drop to outside the Bunker in such condition is a poor solution with other aspects of the venue that are so nice. At the end of the day, it seems I should have been charged less.47359
20 2019-10-03 12:25:38 Arrowhead Myrtle Beach SC 49660 greens are a little sandy today, otherwise course in great shape49660
21 2019-10-02 23:31:30 Fairview Oliver BC 16245 Course was very wet that day16245
22 2019-10-02 19:27:31 Rivers Edge Shallotte NC 9934 Beautiful course in great condition.9934
23 2019-10-02 12:43:50 Trilogy Golf Club at Vistancia Peoria AZ 95318 Sand traps hit like concrete , very little sand caused a lot of miss and thin hits. Rest of the course was excellent .95318
24 2019-10-02 09:49:58 Reunion - Nicklaus Kissimmee FL 94346 Typical Nicklaus course. Greens protected all the way around (sand traps and false fronts) - no opening for greens. Tee box in very poor shape.94346
25 2019-10-02 09:45:10 Providence A Golf & Country Club Community Davenport FL 94346 Ridiculous narrow fairways - first cut of rough is deep and you can lose a ball easily!94346
26 2019-10-01 20:53:52 The Witch Myrtle Beach SC 49660 Course condition is one of the best in Myrtle Beach! Greens and fairways are in wonderful shape. Enjoy!49660
27 2019-10-01 14:43:40 Kimberton Golf Club Kimberton PA 95358 It could be good. Greens are very Slow95358
28 2019-09-30 20:24:48 Spring Brook Country Club Morristown NJ 91010 Long par threes over water were tough. A lot of well protected greens by deep sand.91010
29 2019-09-30 16:22:39 Manakiki Willoughby OH 34347 Best Greens in NE Ohio!34347
30 2019-09-30 14:25:19 Del urich Tucson AZ 93931 Course is nice with the overseed however the greens now need to be cut so they will roll ? had plenty of time to grow out NOW CUT EM !!!93931
31 2019-09-30 09:12:30 River Hills Country Club Valrico FL 87274 During the transition the course is suffering. T-boxes are in really rough shape and the rough is becoming overgrown in many areas, and some of the greens are hurting due to splotchy watering (?). Love this course and hate to see it not pristine, they are using more sprinklers now and I believe positive changes are on the way.87274
32 2019-09-30 08:19:20 Overbrook Country Club Bryn Mawr PA 95358 Excellent condition the speed of the Greens were to fast for me.Beautiful Course.95358
33 2019-09-28 09:26:31 Kildonan Park Golf Course Winnipeg MB 92932 The greens were aerated so a little rough. Glad we were able to go out and play 2 putt rule.92932
34 2019-09-28 07:57:21 Sarasota National Venice FL 69197 Really enjoyed playing this course. Definitely will play again.69197
35 2019-09-28 07:04:58 Swan Lake Black Plymouth IN 29186 Course was in great condition and the greens were wicked fast.29186
36 2019-09-27 18:54:05 Crow Creek Calabash NC 78569 Very stupid restriction against coolers containing no alcohol. They allow my water canteens in their cooler but I can't keep it in my cooler.78569
37 2019-09-27 11:24:34 Innsbrook Resort Golf Course Innsbrook MO 76308 excellent fairways76308
38 2019-09-26 15:09:10 Silverbell Tucson AZ 93931 Great shape enjoyed again93931
39 2019-09-26 15:09:10 Silverbell Tucson AZ 93931 Great shape enjoyed again93931
40 2019-09-26 14:46:00 The Wizard Golf Myrtle Beach SC 49660 Greens are in terrible shape, fairways are great, watch the long drives on a few holes with creek crossings.49660
41 2019-09-25 16:50:29 Club de golf Lachute 1 Lachute QC 70510 les verts étaient troués70510
42 2019-09-25 15:32:33 Pinetuck Rock Hill SC 88860 Once upon a time this course had the finest greens around. Not any more.88860
43 2019-09-25 14:25:02 Forest Oaks Country Club Greensboro NC 95173 Love it!95173
44 2019-09-24 23:08:17 Marine Park Golf Course Brooklyn NY 83775 Corse is 'dressed' for the 'Brooklyn Open' and all conditions are the best of the season.83775
45 2019-09-24 14:20:27 Arrowhead Myrtle Beach SC 49660 Awesome course! Be ready for fast greens.49660
46 2019-09-24 13:17:25 Gilbertsville Gilbertsville PA 95358 Good condition Great price95358
47 2019-09-24 13:08:37 Kimberton Golf Club Kimberton PA 95358 Not A GOOD COURSE. lost plenty of balls close to fairways.95358
48 2019-09-23 10:27:14 Hazelmere Golf and Country Club Surrey BC 90571 Beautiful90571
49 2019-09-23 10:20:57 Guilford Golf Surrey BC 90571 Nice90571
50 2019-09-22 22:37:34 Dyker Beach Golf Course Brooklyn NY 83775 Deep, deep rough. 5 greens have aeration 'sand' topping.83775
51 2019-09-21 17:48:41 Maxwelton Golf Club Syracuse IN 29186 Great old course, very good customer service, very nice condition, greens are tricky but fun. Highly recommended.29186
52 2019-09-21 17:08:51 The Links at Spring Church Apollo PA 88970 Fairways were beat up. Greens were in good shape.88970
53 2019-09-20 23:18:51 James Baird State Park Pleasant Valley NY 83775 aeration of 6 greens!83775
54 2019-09-20 17:25:39 Cabot Cliffs Inverness NS 89288 30 mph sustained winds with gusts to 50 tough playing conditions. Not theit fault but tough to score89288
55 2019-09-20 09:06:12 Wil-Mar Golf Club Raleigh NC 95173 Always a good time95173
56 2019-09-20 08:21:15 Nashawtuc Country Club Concord MA 71076 Old Seniors Tour course. Worth a play if you can get on.71076
57 2019-09-20 07:38:46 Talamore at Oak Terrace Ambler PA 33666 The course is in outstanding condition and the greens are very fast, but consistent. Just a tremendous experience.33666
58 2019-09-20 00:05:19 Hobble Creek Springville UT 62442 Greens were firm and dry. Were not receptive to shots, maybe the worst I've ever seen them. Lots of ball marks not repaired or repaired poorly.62442
59 2019-09-19 18:33:24 Sleepy Hollow Stouffville ON 51690 Everything about Sleepy Hollow is first rate. From the course to the people involved are first rate.51690
60 2019-09-19 17:37:26 Man O War Golf Myrtle Beach SC 49660 Fairways in great shape! Greens on front nine needed mowing..very slow, greens on back nine very bumpy and had lots of bare spots. A few balls actually plugged on and around greens today.49660
61 2019-09-19 17:11:28 McDowell Mountain Golf Club Scottsdale AZ 94485 Getting ready to over seed.94485
62 2019-09-19 11:55:24 Union Hills Golf Course Pevely MO 76308 good greens76308
63 2019-09-18 15:02:46 Steeple Chase Golf Club Mundelein IL 79817 Only ball lost went into the front bunker on #5, which was full of water. Couldn't find the ball in there.79817
64 2019-09-18 09:17:27 Gilbertsville Gilbertsville PA 95321 Great Price I LIKE IT. Greens goog condition95321
65 2019-09-17 22:22:24 Marine Park Golf Course Brooklyn NY 83775 Excellent conditions.83775
66 2019-09-17 18:24:35 The victory course Buckeye AZ 95318 Pace on course was super fast, no waiting ever, Players were polite an let us play through.95318
67 2019-09-17 17:08:55 Golf Club of Estrella Goodyear AZ 95318 Very fast playing time95318
68 2019-09-17 17:03:47 Palm Valley Golf Club - Lakes Course Goodyear AZ 95318 Very good time of play tempo95318
69 2019-09-17 16:10:43 Brookside Golf Course Ashland OH 90938 Course was not great as always lately, but today was my best round ever - first time I ever broke 90!90938
70 2019-09-17 14:33:08 Blackmoor Myrtle Beach SC 49660 Wet areas by tees and greens today... go for the pin49660
71 2019-09-17 13:56:34 Randolph Tucson AZ 93931 Best course93931
72 2019-09-17 13:56:34 Randolph Tucson AZ 93931 Best course93931
73 2019-09-17 11:01:39 River Lakes Golf Course Columbia IL 76308 good fairways76308
74 2019-09-15 23:39:55 Marine Park Golf Course Brooklyn NY 83775 Excellent conditions throughout as club prepares for 'Brooklyn Open' on the 23rd.83775
75 2019-09-14 11:46:45 Lakewood Golf Club Statesville NC 35754 Excellent course for the value.35754
76 2019-09-14 09:14:21 Pine Valley Country Club Wilmington NC 49660 Course is in great shape! Enjoy49660
77 2019-09-13 23:31:21 Tanoan Country Club Albuquerque NM 18824 Greens were recently sanded but still putt-able.18824
78 2019-09-13 13:59:48 El Rio tucson AZ 93931 The Greenskeeper must have been molested by a Golf Instructor as a Child!! the worst Golf Course in exsistence!! you have to be a complete Moron to have designed this pile of TURD. get a greens keeper that understands the Game, talk about trying to ruin a Golf layout by making the greens unreseptive ?? does not get any dumber, try getting someone that can get the greens to hold a golf Ball DUH !!!
79 2019-09-12 16:28:12 Bowes Creek Elgin IL 90381 US Open Rough was unacceptable for a public course90381
80 2019-09-12 14:41:38 Kittyhawk - Eagle Dayton OH 31892 Greens today were superb. Freshly cut and watered. Very fast, but true, virtually no bouncing. Could pin hunt due to softness of greens.31892
81 2019-09-12 09:57:22 Arrowhead Myrtle Beach SC 49660 great shape only days after Hurricane Dorian49660
82 2019-09-11 20:28:15 Paradise Valley Fenton MO 76308 nice fairways76308
83 2019-09-11 20:09:16 Dennis Pines Dennis MA 54212 Wind blowing 25 - 30 mph54212
84 2019-09-11 15:08:38 Kensington Metropark Milford MI 91944 greens haven't been cut.91944
85 2019-09-10 21:43:29 Marine Park Golf Course Brooklyn NY 83775 Course is being set up for Brooklyn Open so all parts are in great shape.83775
86 2019-09-10 19:13:32 Hillandale Durham NC 95173 greens are in good shape. fairways are rough in spots and cart paths in bad need of repair95173
87 2019-09-10 11:16:22 The Prairies of Cahokia Cahokia IL 76308 good fairways76308
88 2019-09-09 12:57:51 Heron Ridge Golf Club Virginia Beach VA 92662 Cart path only today. Fresh punch and top dress greens today92662
89 2019-09-09 12:56:41 Sunbrook St. George UT 62442 Greens had just been punched and were in horrible condition. Should never have been charged full price to play.62442
90 2019-09-08 14:33:43 Sagamore Noblesville IN 29186 I think the greens are too hard. When you hit a nice high wedge and it lands and rolls out 40 ft and you have a hard time finding your ball mark, the greens are too hard. You can feel when you walk on them that they are too hard.29186
91 2019-09-08 13:01:48 River Hills Country Club Valrico FL 87274 The greens are back and they are fast! much faster in the last 2 weeks than ever, and the rough is seriously ridiculous. 3 types of rough now and if you are not in the fairway you will have to use an iron to hack it out - it's changing the whole course, making it much more difficult now.87274
92 2019-09-07 11:51:46 Mercer Oaks West West Windsor NJ 93492 They have lost this course. Ashame93492
93 2019-09-07 11:30:51 Enterprise Mitchellville MD 91333 na91333
94 2019-09-06 23:13:47 Concord Country Club Concordville PA 70930 rich and doug70930
95 2019-09-06 21:19:47 Apple Greens Golf Course Highland NY 83775 Aerating front 9 so sand infills hurt putting. Otherwise, excellent conditions overall.83775
96 2019-09-06 15:57:31 Pinch Brook Florham Park NJ 91010 Behind a foursome on front nine that had three open holes in front of them and no ranger! Waited on every tee box and approach shot for the last 5 holes. Fortunately, they only played 9 and we were able to play the back nine in an hour and a half.91010
97 2019-09-06 10:11:34 Wildcat Shellsburg IA 87554 Course was starting to burn out in the fairways, very dry87554
98 2019-09-05 15:19:56 Pinetuck Rock Hill SC 88860 The greens: 1/4 crab grass. And a couple have large areas with no grass at all.88860
99 2019-09-05 13:56:55 Silverbell Tucson AZ 93931 Good job course was fun to play a couple areas need some help but real happy93931
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