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Greens super fast caused all the three putts. Had to waite on every hole, not my kind of golf.
Enjoyed the round any way
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-02-08 16:30:44)
Having big trouble controling my sugar. 62 at the finish of the round. It goes down and my scores go up. Madding.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-02-20 17:37:56)
very fast greens, lots and lots of water every hole.
But lots of fun, enought to drive one crazy.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-02-14 19:33:05)
could not putt worth a darn, never had so many 3 putts and the score showed it but had a good time. Cloudy and 65 degrees which was fine
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-02-06 19:24:35)
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