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Well, there is a new king of worst standard length course in Kansas City. I knew Great Life courses had a bad rep coming in but this was worse than I thought. Even though it was $28 with a cart that is overpriced for the condition here. First off, the front desk and greens keepers I saw were all young kids, only adult I saw at the course was the "marshall" who yelled at us for having the cart a foot off the cart path several times. Which would be fine if we were talking about a quality course. The greens keepers didn't look like they were doing much other than driving around and getting in the way because the fairways were a mixture of crabgrass and weeds and frankly were mostly indistinguishable from the rough. What was mowed was mowed unevenly and left giant clumps of grass everywhere, esp the rough. The tee boxes were often poorly marked, it looks like the markers had been moved for mowing but not put back on several holes. almost all the ball washers, esp on the back 9 were missing or broken. there was no water on the course and very few trash cans. the green fringe area were a mixture of dead spots and poorly mowed rough. there really wasn't a fringe on most holes. the greens themselves were actually the only saving grace to this course. it had rained that day so they were slow but most were nice and green and well kept. the sand traps on the course were mostly all overgrown with weeds. most of the signage on the course was broken or faded. the cart path is a beat up asphalt path with lots of cracks and broken pieces. the cart path seemed to be placed in areas were people hit a lot too. Overall its a fairly easy course but it looks so terrible you just can't wait to finish. its like they built it and the surrounding houses 30+ years ago and just left it all to rot. I won't ever be coming back, not until someone else runs this place.
Andy Biery   (2013-06-25 20:41:00)
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