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Pace of play was very slow, 3 hours for the front 9. The course locks up at 5PM so we did not have time to finish the back 9. They gave us a free 9 holes for another day. Gets dark now at 6:30 pm and do not know why the do not stay open until dark like other courses.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2016-02-16 17:39:04)
Beautiful day to play, back nine my sugar dropped to 55. Not safe or good. Ran out of energy,
Jack C Sandstrom   (2015-02-11 19:56:56)
beautiful day, 68 and sunny. Played with Lisa, just a little over 4 hrs
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-02-16 19:29:49)
Very,very slow play on the back nine. Took all the fun out of playing by myself. The driver and 3 metal worked good. Chipping no so good.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2014-02-01 19:47:40)
There is a paucity of yardage markers. Bring your GPS.
John Kowaleski   (2013-12-19 13:32:54)
Having trouble controling my sugar level., it is going too low and I run out of energy. Beautiful day and played with a nice couple from Ill.
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-02-04 18:58:58)
Very slow play, beautiful day with Hal
Jack C Sandstrom   (2013-01-28 17:08:05)
Despite a flooding down pour yesterday, the
course was in excellant shape. Fun course and good value for your money
Jack C Sandstrom   (2012-02-02 19:16:33)
This is an old style golf course, good for practice but one quickly gets bored playing it over and over. The state of Alabama needs to invest some money to improve the course.
Mike Hacker   (2010-02-03 17:50:05)
Nice public golf course. Very reasonable priced, but the pace of play can be long.
Michael Milligan   (2003-07-23 14:21:43)
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