Donald Broussard's Golf Stats
FairwayFiles Index12.9
Days Without Golf4
# Rounds this year13
Avg Rounds per year10.00
Total Rounds Played20
First Round:06/06/2018
Avg Score (NOT adjusted for course difficulty):88.85
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Recent Rounds by Friends
Name Date Front/Back Total
 Dan Pender
09/14  43 / 46 89
 Rawy Heine
09/14  47 / 48 95
 Donald Broussard
09/14  42 / 46 88
 Frank Rashid
09/14  39 / 39 78
 Ryan Koca
09/14  50 / 48 98
Best and Worst
  All Time This Year
Best Gross 77 77
Worst Gross 102 102
Fewest Putts N/A N/A
Most Putts N/A N/A
Golf Scoring Statistics
Frequency of Score per 18 holes
Year Rnds Double
Eagles Birdies Pars Bogies Doubles Triples Others
2019 5 0.00 0.20 0.40 5.40 7.20 2.80 1.20 0.80

Average Strokes Over / Under Par

** Rounds
With Details

Par 3

Par 4

Par 5
Avg Score
All Rnds
Avg Index
All Rnds
2019 5 1.00 1.15 0.78 18.80 13 88.62 16.97

** NOTE: Only rounds with hole by hole scores are included in statistics. If you use the quick entry the round won't count in your stats.
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Putts Breakout
Score Breakout
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