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Help Adding Scores

How do I Enter my score?

Adding your score is easy -- just follow these 3 steps

  1. Find the course you played

    • Click on the Find a Course Button on the toolbar at the top of the screen to bring up the Course Locator
    • Enter the part of the course name in the course name field.
      (example: if you played Virginia Oaks type in oak in the course name field.
    • Click on search button. This will display all the courses that contain the string you typed anywhere in the course name.
      TIP: The less you type in the more likely you are to find the course in case it has been entered with a slightly different spelling. I usually leave the city and state blank.
    • IF the course you played is not shown, try searching again entering only the state. If you still can't find the course you may have to add it using the link at the bottom of the search results screen
    • Alternatively to quickly find a course you've played before you can click the Previously Played Courses link on the left sidebar. This will display all courses you have played before. You must be logged in to see the previously played courses. But anyone can search for a golf course and read reviews etc.
    • NOTE: The initial sort of previously played courses is by number of times played -- this is so if you play a "home" course often it will show at the top. You can change the sort by clicking the arrows in the column headers.

  2. Select the Tees you played

    • Click on the Enter Score link next to the course name
    • After clicking on the Enter Score link next to the course name, you will be shown a list of tees that are in the system for the course you played.
    • If the tees you played are listed, verify the slope and rating are correct, and then click on the Enter Score Link to bring up a copy of the scorecard for entry.
    • IF the tees you played are not listed or the slope or rating are incorrect, you must enter the information for the tees. Use the link on the bottom of the tee listing (below instructions) that says Add details for a different set of tees. This will require you have a copy of the scorecard since, you must enter Slope, Rating and hole by hole handicap.
  3. Enter your Score

    • Enter the date played. The default is today. You can enter old rounds out of order -- as long as you put the date in correctly for each round your handicap will be calculated correctly
    • If this is the second round you played today set the round number to 2 ( The round number is only used when you play 2 rounds in the same day, it is usually just 1)
    • IF you are a member of a group, you may enter scores for other members of your group. Use the drop down to seelct the player whose score you want to enter.
    • Enter score for each hole using the tab key to move between fields. (The total should be calculated for front and back as you enter the details)
    • IF you don't have the card and only know the front and back score, you can enter that above -- but the system won't count this twords your average number of pars, bogeys etc.
    • Click on the Save Score button
Note:In the future if you played a course that you played in the past, you can save time by clicking on the Previously Played Courses link on your homepage which will show a list Courses you've played in the past
Note:You can also enter a score from the course home page by clicking on the Enter Score link next to the tees you played.

For answers to lots of other questions about the site read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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