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How to get the most out of the Site
  1. Invite your friends to sign up and track their scores. You can use the Invitation form or Send them the URL: http://FairwayFiles.com
    Once they have created an account you should be able to find them in the Find User section.
  2. Create groups of your friends and co-workers.
    Then from the Groups Screen you can easily:
    • View profile and scores of other group members
    • Keep track of the group champion.
    • Print scorecards for upcoming rounds that will show which holes users will get strokes on.
    • More about Groups ....
  3. Monitor your performance and analyze your strategy:
    • Since the details of every round are saved, you can review by course your prior rounds -- you may find out you always double boogie number 5. Maybe you should re-think your strategy?
  4. Use the course reviews and ratings to help you select a course to play
    What better way to learn about a course than to read reviews written by people who have actually played the course. You can search for courses in your area by searching by city or state on the courses screen
  5. Write a course review to share your opinion
    If you have an opinion about a course you've played, be it Good or Bad, write a review from the courses screen.
  6. Take care when adding new courses or tee information.
    The course database is being built by people like you who enter new courses as you play them. Remember, the slope, rating, hole by hole handicaps and par information you enter will be used by anyone else who plays that course.
    Notify the administrator at golfadmin@FairwayFiles.com if you find course information that is incorrect
  7. Take time to rate the course you played when entering your score.
    This feature will be available shortly. It will allow you to rate the course conditions and customer service you recieved when you played. It will not be required but will provide valuable information to other users who might be thinking about playing that course.
  8. Record all your scores
    No matter where you play or who you play with enter your score so your handicap will be accurate.
  9. Record the details of your round whenever possible.
    Use the quick entry only when you do not have a copy of the card. The detail information allows the system to calculate the percentage of birdies, bogies etc.
  10. Always count all of your strokes.
  11. Don't take gimmies.
    This may make your handicap lower but it will hurt when you try and to play competitively using it.

This system is continually evolving, so if you have any suggestions please send them to the system administrator at golfadmin@FairwayFiles.com

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