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Posting a score is easy --- just follow these few steps

Find the course you played

  • Click on the FIND A COURSE button on the tool bar at the top of the screen to bring up the course locator
  • Enter the first few letters of the course name in the COURSE NAME field. TIP: The fewer letters of a course name you include in the COURSE NAME field the more course names will come up in the search results
  • Click on the SEARCH button --- this will display course names that contain the letters that you included in your search request
    NOTE: If the course you are searching for does not come up try entering fewer letters of the course name or search by city or state. If the course still does not come up maybe the course is not in the data base.
  • Click on ADD COURSE at the bottom of the search screen and add the course to our data base. This will require you to have a scorecard because you must enter yardage and a handicap for each hole.
  • If you have played the course before just click on the PREVIOUSLY PLAYED COURSES link on the left side bar. The initial sort is by the number of times you played each course.
    NOTE: You must be logged in to use this feature.

Select the tees you played

  • Click the ENTER SCORE link next to the course name NOTE: The various tees for the course you played will be shown
  • Click the ENTER SCORE link to bring up a blank score card for you to post the details of your round
    NOTE: If the tees you played are not listed you may be the first member to use those tees. You must click on ADD NEW TEE BOX and enter the accurate data. This will require you to have a copy of the scorecard because you must enter yardage and a handicap for each hole.

Post your score

  • Enter the date you played. TIP: When you post scores from a previous round be sure to enter the correct play date for that round to assure that your Fairway Files Handicap will be calculated accurately. NOTE: For a second round played on the same day on the same course set the round number on 2.
  • Any member of a group may post a score for other members of the group.
    TIP: Use the drop down to choose the member whose score you want to post
    NOTE: If you use QUICK ENTRY to post a score that round will not be included in your Average Details calculation.
  • Click the SAVE SCORE button

For answers to lots of other questions about the site read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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