Group Benefits

Why Set up a Group?

  1. Easily Monitor the play of your friends

    If you are a member of a group, you will see recent rounds by your friends on your home page. By clicking on their names you can see their profiles. If you click on a score or date played you can see the details of their round. The groups link on the top toolbar will allow you to review each group you are a memeber of individually, showing members ranked by handicap.

  2. Automatically keep track group Champion

    There is a link from the groups page that will show the history of the Group Champion. This is calculated by finding the first time any 2 group members played together. Lowest net score is the reigning champ. Then you have to play the champ to take over the top spot. The group champion page shows summary of the matches where that first champion defended his title.

  3. Create Match Scorecards

    From the courses search screen there is a link for creating a match scorecard. This will only work if you are the member of a group. You can select from any users who are members of any group you belong to by checking their name. The scorecard will take the lowest handicap person and set his handicap as the baseline then it will mark on the score card which holes each other member will recieve strokes.

  4. Monitor and Evaluate their play.

    Once you've created a group you can request to be notified by email any time a member of your group plays. This way you can be sure they are entering all their scores. You can also compares stats for group members by clicking on the Compare stats with Group Members link on the home page.

Common Group Questions

How do I set up a group?

  1. Click on the groups link on the top toolbar.
  2. Click on the create a group button just under the top toolbar
  3. Make up a name for you group and type it in the box displayed.
  4. If you want people to be able to sign up themselves check the box and create a password.
  5. Click the Create Group button to create the group
  6. You are automatically added to the group as the administrator. The Group listing screen will be displayed.
  7. To add members start typing their last name of the person in the input box at the bottom.
  8. NOTE: The person you are trying to add to your group must have an account in the system. If they do not you can use the logoff button to log off and create a new account for a friend or invite them to join.

I created a group but I can't seem to add other members?

First of all, in order to add someone to your group they must have their own Fairway files username and password established. A group is just a collection of users who track their handicap in the system.

NEW Now you can add members from the groups page. Just click on the group name -- the list of members will pop up and on the bottom of the list of users is a text entry box where you can enter a persons name. Type the last name slowly and you can choose from the autocomplete list that appears.

The old method of adding members from the user search should also still work. To add members to a group from the search click the find users button on the top toolbar. Use the user locator to search for your friends. Search by last name, email or city. On the search results screens there is an add to group checkbox next to each account found that matched your criteria. Check the box next to the person you want to add to your group and then select the group name to add them to from the dropdown list at the top of the screen and click the Add users to group button.

Note: If you want to create accounts for people you play with using your same computer, you must log off (using the logoff button on the top toolbar) and then get the login screen by clicking on the Home link and click the link to create your own free account and fill in the form to create an account for your playing partners.

How do I join a friends group??

If the creator of the group has set it up for self-service signup, and given you the password to join the group you can join following these steps:
  1. Click the Groups link on the top toolbar.
  2. Enter the group name or part of it in the search for group by name box at the top of the content part of the screen.
  3. Click the Join link next to the group you want to join.
  4. Enter the passowrd provided. This will add you as a memeber of the Group. As a group member you can add scores for others via a drop down on the score entry screen. This way if you bring the scorecard home you can enter scores for your foursome.
Invite a Friend

Use the link above to invite your friends to joing fairwayfiles. Creating groups and getting emails when your friends post scores is the best part of fairwayfiles!

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